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私たちは「VidMeet Online」というかたちで開催、ベンダー問わず「インターネット・データセンター・クラウド x 放送機器が生む新たな運用スタイル」をテーマに、デモンストレーションサイトをオンライン開催することとしました。

そのテーマは放送技術者のためのマルチキャスト、ST 2110、NMOS、放送局PoC報告、PTP、ネットワークスイッチなど多岐にわたり、放送機器のIP化を多面的に捉えてきました。

今回、VidMeet Onlineという形でネットワークの価値を最大化し、新しい領域へ踏み込んでいこうと考えています。順次、活動内容をお知らせしていきます。


2020年8月21日 VidMeet Online 山本 文治 from Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Welcome to VidMeet Online.

In 2020, “remote production” and “remote work” are rapidly becoming the focus of attention as COVID-19 measures. And there is a growing interest in experiencing broadcast equipment IP-ready using a real Internet environment.

We have decided to hold a demonstration site online in the form of “VidMeet Online” with the theme of “A New Style of Operation Created by the Internet, Data Center, Cloud, and Broadcast Equipment”, regardless of the vendor.

VidMeet was started in October 2017 and is the only information exchange activity among engineers in Japan on the theme of “IP Broadcast Equipment”.
Organized at IIJ, nine meetings have been held so far.
The theme of the meeting is Multicast for Broadcast Engineers, ST 2110, NMOS, broadcast station PoC reports, PTP, network switches, and many other topics, and we have taken a multifaceted look at the shift to IP in broadcasting equipment.
It continues to be a vendor-neutral “place” with over 100 attendees at each meeting.

We are now looking to maximize the value of the network in the form of VidMeet Online and step into new territory. We will keep you posted on our activities as they unfold.

Stay Home, Stay Tuned.

21st Aug, 2020 VidMeet Online YAMAMOTO Bunji from Internet Initiative Japan Inc.